Comprehensive traversal DNS checking in an instant

Check your internet addresses with's traversing DNS checker. This will check every single branch of the DNS tree to ensure your addresses are delegating and resolving correctly. This is accomplished by traversing the DNS tree from the root examining all possible routes that a client could travel, calculating percentage probabilities on the way. Note that this service does not consider your local cache. Currently this is IPv4 only. Registration is optional, but means you don't need to enter a reCAPTCHA every time!

The old version is still available.

  • Traverses from root
  • Summary stats calculated
  • Server fingerprinting
  • Server geolocation
  • Friendly URLs for emailing
  • All queries shown for debugging
  • Progress shown as it goes
  • Considers bailiwick
  • Supports CNAME restarts
  • Supports all types of response
  • Traverses in to resolutions
  • Detects no glue and lame delegation
  • Detects loops
  • Per branch resolver cache
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UI 2.0.1 / Engine 0.1.14

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